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CYCLES, the latest queer sci fi zine from Writers 4 Utopia, out now!





















Writers 4 Utopia is a collective of queer writers focusing on how science fiction and speculative fiction can generate ideas that create more safe and equitable futures for all beings. Our in person meetings are currently on hiatus, but we continue to operate our Facebook page to foster community. We put out a zine of our work a couple times a year. Our meetings are open to queer identified writers of all genres, experience and education levels.

Since January 2017 we have been meeting, discussing, and sharing ideas to help each other re-imagine futures where our queerness is a super power, a magical remedy, or a utopia.



Zines are available in print and eBook formats, and can be purchased by clicking the images below!




MARCH 7TH, 2018


JUNE 22ND, 2017

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