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Welcome to the first ever zine of queer sci-fi by Writers 4 Utopia. In its pages you’ll find stories, songs, collages, and poems set in many different places and futures, covering issues such as disability, gender, colonisation, and love.

Since January 2017 we have been meeting, discussing, and sharing ideas to help each other re-imagine futures where our queerness is a super power, a magical remedy, or a utopia. Released six months after our inception, this zine is the product of months of hard work, building community with each other, and the initiative to make an actual product to share, be read, be real (while resisting the ableist narrative of deadlines).

GASLIT launched June 22nd, 2017. GASLIT is available in print, eBook and PDF versions, as well as audio versions of some pieces.

If you download the eBook or PDF versions, please consider making a donation using the button at the top of the page to support our work!

If you would like to distribute, please contact us at:

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